Prompt list: #writeinktober 2018 – Tarot Of Magic

Dear creative souls,

in just a few days, Inktober 2018 starts, which means art, art and more art on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for 31 wonderful days.

To raise awareness for all the beauty that can be found in the span of a month, and to boost our fellow creators, #writeinktober was brought to life last year. It enables writers to participate in #inktober by using ink on paper (yes, digital ink counts, too) and write a small piece every day, just like a word doodle.
(It’s also a great way to get ready for NaNoWriMo in November, as it keeps your mind occupied with writing each day, but since it’s only short texts, you don’t have to spend too much time on it.)

I loved participating last year, and since there hasn’t been an official prompt list released for this year’s #writeinktober, I decided to make my own list, based on the Tarot of Magic card deck I’m developing. I drew random numbers, one for each day, and used the card assigned to it as a prompt.
The cards are meant to be used as story prompts, and just like with regular tarot cards, each of them has multiple meanings. I will not write them down, one, because I don’t know all of them myself yet, and two, so that you have no restrictions in what your mind conjures up when you read them.

Now, here are your prompts:

Suns: the male/day/the rules
Moons: the female/night/the mystery
Stars: magic/the chaos
Planets: the Gods/fate/the miracle

Like with all prompt lists for any kind of challenge, you may or may not use the prompts given. You’re free to reinterpret them, change them, switch them, or do whatever you like with them. If you like to draw, you may even switch between #writeinktober and #inktober – there are no limits to your imagination, and the only limits your creativity has are the ones you set.

I’ll try microfiction this year, but you can go for any kind of writing – poetry, fiction, lyrics… If you want to, you can even write a longer story based on them. Just do what feels right, and maybe try something new. I’d love to read what you come up with, and others do, too, so don’t forget the hashtags in your tweets or posts, and have a look at what others might do for Inktober 2018.

Inktober is a wonderful way to share and multiply creativity, just like NaNo, so please, let others know about it. Share the beautiful art #inktober has in stock, talk about it, make it known. Follow the hashtags, look around for people hosting prompt lists and get inspired by all the creativity!

Happy #writeinktober!

Your Travelwitch


#TarotOfMagic #amwriting #microfiction


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